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Join the Next Frontier Initiative as an Accelerator Partner and help accelerate 100,000 students & early-career adults towards STEM success
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Base 11 proudly partners with academic institutions and nonprofit organizations to implement Next Frontier Initiative programming and to provide students and early-career adults with access to state-of-the-art facilities. Together, we level the playing field by providing members with the access, awareness, and belief that they need to become Next Frontier leaders of the 21st century.

Accelerator Benefits

No-Cost Programming

Access to programs that are managed entirely by Base 11 and our sponsors.


Opportunities to network and collaborate with corporate sponsors and other accelerator partners.


Priority access to an ongoing supply of career opportunities and resources for students and early career adults.

Be Heard

Participate in important conversations with students, corporate leaders, and academia facilitated via breakout rooms. 

Who should join?

Academic Institutions

We welcome high schools, community colleges, and universities who are interested in providing their students and alumni with the awareness, access, and belief they need to become leaders and innovators in STEM. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Connecting with other nonprofit communities is a vital component to building out a successful ecosystem. We invite nonprofit organizations from all backgrounds to join us on this mission!

Education/Training Providers

If you have educational STEM resources that you are interested in sharing with a network of students, early-career adults, and academic institutions, please apply!

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to become an Accelerator Partner?

Absolutely not! Becoming an Accelerator Partner will always be completely free-of-charge.

What other benefits are included with becoming an Accelerator Partner?

Accelerator Partners and their constituents get priority access to all of Base 11's offerings and opportunities, including events, programs, live webinars, and internships from our sponsors. You will also have direct access to the Accelerator Partner Toolkit, as well as a Base 11 team member who can assist you with promoting our opportunities, including but not limited to holding virtual presentations for students, creating customized co-branded flyers, and more. As an Accelerator Partner, you are also invited to our monthly Accelerator Partner Meetings, where you have the opportunity to connect with other institutions and organizations, as well as our corporate sponsors, as we discuss Base 11's latest opportunities, tips for success, and more.

I represent a for-profit company, can I still become an Accelerator Partner?

We welcome for-profit entities to become an Accelerator Partner if they have relevant offerings, programs, or resources that we can provide at no-cost to our members. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsors, please click here.

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