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How to Build A Base 11 Digital Portfolio

Create and optimize your Base 11 Digital Portfolio using the universal networking platform, LinkedIn.
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Getting started.

The digital age has made it increasingly difficult to stand out and get noticed, whether you’re applying to a university, trying to start your career, or get the attention of potential investors for your STEM-related start-up idea. No matter what the case, we need to make sure that your unique skills, qualifications, and experiences are properly featured and presented in a way that enables you to stand out from the vast competition. Continue reading to find out how! 

Program Benefits

Real-world tools

Why Linkedin? Linkedin is a real-world tool used by universities, companies, and professionals all over the world. It has become the universal gold standard for networking and is one of the top platforms for recruiters. 

Practical approach

Base 11 takes all of the guess-work out of how to create the ideal Linkedin profile. Our guide will help you turbo-boost your profile to stand out from competition and be attractive to STEM employers looking to recruit talent like you, or investors looking to invest in your project!  

For your career

Once your Linkedin Digital Portfolio is Base 11-approved, you will be invited to the private Base 11 Digital group on Linkedin. This is where the magic happens! From here, you can directly connect with our partner companies in STEM and be the first to hear about exclusive job and internship opportunities.