Parity Project Innovation Challenge

Engineering a Better Future For Black America.
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The Parity Project Innovation Challenge seeks creative innovators to submit their big ideas for how science and technology can help advance economic parity for Black America. Developed by Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (The Boulé) and Base 11, the Parity Project Innovation Challenge showcases the talents of diverse leaders who are passionate about equity. We welcome students and early-career adults of all backgrounds to submit. Winners will receive up to $10,000 in cash prize as well as an all-expenses paid trip to NY and DC to meet with high-level executives who are interested in hearing your proposals!

How to Submit Your Proposal


Register on HeroX

Click here to register for the challenge on the HeroX website.

Get Feedback

Submit your proposal by January 19th to get preliminary feedback from Base 11 and HeroX staff.


Once you have completed your proposal, be sure to submit it on the HeroX challenge page by March 7th at 2pm PST/5pm EST!


Submit your challenge entry for a chance to win both a cash prize and a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to the Base 11 Grand Prize Showcase—an opportunity to present your idea to executives and game changers from some of the most influential organizations across America, including visits to the challenge partners at J.P. Morgan Chase and The Executive Leadership Council.

Confirmed stops on the Base 11 showcase:
The White House in Washington D.C. 
JP Morgan Chase in New York City
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity’s 2024 Grand Boulé in San Diego, CA or the Regional Boulé meeting(s) in 2023, depending on itinerary logistics 

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  • Age: We welcome participants from junior year of high school (grade 11) up to 34 years of age. If you are under 18 years old, your parent/legal guardian must create a HeroX account to submit the idea on your behalf and communicate with the Challenge Sponsors. You should still be the primary creator of the submission and should describe yourself in any ‘about me’ sections. 
  • Geography: To participate, you must also be a legal resident or citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Bahamas. 
  • Individual Entries: You may only submit one entry as an individual, not as a team. But you are encouraged to draw upon the knowledge and guidance of others while developing your idea!

Meet Last Year's Winners

Nova Sportsman (High School)

The Menstruation Station

Stopping period poverty and ending the stigmatism around periods

"Our solution addresses the period poverty of anyone and everyone who has a period. This issue affects the economic well-being of black people in America. This issue would also include teenage black girls. Studies show that 1 in 5 teenagers in the United States has struggled to afford period products. And with Black women making about 61 cents to every dollar their white male counterparts make and with there already being a tax on menstrual products, getting access to menstrual products can be very hard for black women in America." 
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Kiante Bush (College)


Startup Investing for Tech High Performers & Entrepreneurial Minorities

"According to Crunchbase News, “Black startup entrepreneurs still received only a tiny fraction — 1.2 percent — of the record $147 billion in venture capital invested in U.S. startups” (Kunthara, 2021). VENTURE for THEM is a startup accelerator for Black & Latinx tech companies to help take them to next level through Pre-Seed Funding, Diverse Mentors & Coaches, Peer-to-Peer Networking, and Personalized Workshops."
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Jasmine Bacchus (College)

The Flex Solution

Black Fashion Lab for Entrepreneurs & Executives

"Luxury brands, tech companies, and game developers are building the “metaverse”. Up-in-coming Black designers need to have a seat at this table, in order to ensure that the digital world is an inclusive space for all. I aim to create a space for Black fashion designers to receive funding to explore integrating AR/VR into their businesses."
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Chanda Lowrance (Early-Career)


Using Blockchain to Solve Homelessness

About 39% of the homeless population in America is Black. Homeless people consume a large number of public resources and generate expenses, rather than income, for the community. MicroHaven is a permanent supportive housing option that allows (1) an investor to purchase a fraction of the property and (2) provides chronically homeless individuals with affordable permanent residence and services. 
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